Development kits and electronic modules. Design and production.

About us


Modułowo sp. z o.o.

We design and manufacture unique electronic modules and kits.

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Modulowo is a manufacturer of development kits and electronic modules intended for design and prototyping for electronic industry, programming, robotics, Internet of Things and related sectors. The offer includes dedicated solutions for hardware platforms, such as, Intel Edison, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, STM32 Nucleo, TI LaunchPad, Freescale Freedom and others.


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We offer original projects for everyone, both hobbyists and professionals and companies and design offices. Offered modules enable the commencement of new or development of existing projects.

We also offer designing and assembling of electronics. 


DSC_0192A very important issue for us is the quality of products and services. Each module is tested on multiple stages of production and before shipment, so that the user can be sure that the module is fully functional. The modules are manufactured according to our designs, with parts from reputable manufacturers and wholesalers and printed circuits produced by a Polish company. Card included with the serial number, you can create your own list of modules and get quick access to the technical documentation. Each module is packaged in a dedicated package QR code – a direct link to documentation and additional materials.


The electronic module is for us not just a product, it’s something much more important, designed and produced with passion, sent with the idea of the amazing projects, which will be used.

Recommendation in the books of Tomasz Francuz
Electronic modules with the offer, has been recognized by Mr. Tomasz Francuz and recommended in his books to learn microcontroller programming “AVR. Praktyczne projekty” (eng. “AVR. Practical Projects”) and “AVR. Układy peryferyjne”(eng. “AVR. Peripheral circuits.”)
Technical support
As part of the technical support, provide partial technical documentation, descriptions and schematics, pinouts, sample software, we develop Modulowo Academy and other Modulowo Websites.
We deliver electronic modules events, competitions and workshops related to the promotion of electronics, such as Freemake, Hackerspace Silesia group meetings,  Warsaw Arduino Day  2014 and charity events. 
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